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Melanie Juliano

New York Director (formerly Philadelphia Director)

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Melanie Juliano

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Melanie Juliano grew up in South Jersey, just a short drive away from Philadelphia, PA, where she attended college at The University of The Arts. Melanie studied jazz performance and music education while teaching voice and piano from her home. She started forming a group of musicians she met from college before her senior recital and began recording her music shortly after graduating in December 2019.

Although the pandemic postponed studio time for her first EP, she found a way to have everyone record separately from home. They released their first EP under the new name, Diana Is Calling, in the spring of 2020. The group's members changed as people were able to gather together again and included the help of Bryan Cowan, a longtime friend from Uarts who helped produce, co-write, and play in the band. Over Zoom, Bryan and Melanie began working on a full-length album.

Diana Is Calling showcased a new Indie-Rock sound with their first new single, "Poison," which was released in October 2021. They have released three other singles from their upcoming LP since then and plan to continue a stream of singles. Melanie Juliano writes the music and lyrics, sings lead-vocal, plays keys, and manages the group. She is excited to relocate to NYC this year to continue expanding the band and her own career as a performer and private instructor.

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