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Jennifer Truesdale

Boston Director

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Jennifer Truesdale Jennifer Truesdale Jennifer Truesdale

Jennifer Truesdale artfully blends Blues, Soul, R&B and Rock/Pop styles with thought provoking lyrics, creating a sound that is both powerful and deeply personal.

Jennifer’s most recent release, Through The Circle, is "a masterpiece of soulful and bluesy storytelling that embraces each listener into the thoughtful lyrics and brings them along on a feel-good journey." Written and arranged by Jennifer and co-produced with David Minehan at Boston’s famed Woolly Mammoth Sound, Through The Circle moves seamlessly from Blues, to Soulful R&B, to jazz and gospel inspired melodies. Through The Circle speaks of love, loss, longing, laughter and the beautiful journey that is life. The single, "I Need You Tonight," a favorite of fans and critics alike, is a sassy blues romp that is garnering attention from radio and press and music lovers around the world.

".. a beautiful tapestry of blues, soul, R’n’B, gospel influences. This one will be good for your soul!
- Making A Scene Magazine

A published songwriter, Jennifer’s recordings have aired on major network television shows including: Hawaii 5-0, Soul Food, All My Children, One Life To Live, The Young and The Restless and Melrose Place. A vocal coach and Associate Professor of Voice at Berklee College of Music, Jennifer is the Boston-area Director of Chick Singer Night and works tirelessly to develop, showcase and promote emerging artists and give back to the community from which she came.


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