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Brenda Guy

Houston Director

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Brenda enjoys all things music! She is a certified mediator, with over 15 years in management, employee relations, and negotiations. She presently serves as a board member for Women in Professional Government (WPG) and works in the legal field by day and sings her heart out by night.

A native Houstonian, Brenda has performed in the Houston & surrounding areas for over 20 years. Born with natural gifts and talent in music, Brenda’s voice has charmed audiences since she belted her first note at the tender age of 9. With a genuine love and thirst for all things music, Brenda devoured multiple genres and perfected her craft in a wide-range of categories from Motown classics and R&B to Country, Pop and Rock & Roll. This has allowed her to entertain and warm the hearts of a broad range of people with diverse backgrounds and musical preferences. She is particularly sought after for evenings and events where party goers prefer a cornucopia of selections from multiple genres.

Music comes from the heart and soothes the soul. Growing up, Brenda spent endless days and nights listening to each artist’s particular delivery of their music. She has a unique ability to take a song and deliver it in such a profound way that is reminiscent of the original artist and yet, all her own. This gift alone has increased her popularity and appeal with varied groups.

Brenda has performed for thousands at a variety of events and her talents recognized/featured in The North of The Border Entertainment Magazine, Houston’s Sam Malone Radio and Houston’s local newspaper known as The Houston Chronicle for her talent.

Her melodic gift has been awarded in the following competitions: Houston Live Stock & Rodeo Talent Competition and Houston's Regional Talent Quest Competition.

Brenda desire is to ultimately utilize her talents, knowledge skills and abilities to unite, empower and motivate others through music

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