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About US...
CHICK SINGER NIGHT celebrated 30 years of magic in 2018! Chick Singer Night is the world's longest-running musical songfest. Each show is unique, featuring established as well as up-and-coming local and regional artists. CSN promotes all genres of music, artists of all levels of experience, and of all walks of life. Chick Singer Night produces showcases in cities across the nation, providing an atmosphere of encouragement and support. CSN is the ONE and ONLY of musical experiences coast to coast, nationwide, and now internationally with our latest addition - Stockholm, Sweden.


The CSN Chicago Band:

Keys: Paul Coscino
Guitar: Scott Reed
Bass: Greg Baroni
Drums: Rick Vitek

* * * * *

2013 CSN Chicago
Marie Cinquemani (right)
& Celeste Harrell

Co-Producer/Director, Marie Cinquemani (right, above) has been with CSN for 21 years. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies from DePaul University and teaches music at Elgin Academy. A Virgo with Scorpio rising, Marie likes ice cream and dark chocolate and her favorite color is black. Marie likes to eat hot movie theatre popcorn with Snowcaps.
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Co-Producer/Director of CSN for 12+ years, Celeste Harrell (left, above) has a Bachelor's degree from Columbia College of Performing Arts. Wearing many hats, Celeste is also a vocalist, consultant, a mom to two little miracles, and a cancer survivor! Celeste is a true old soul Pisces that loves warm chocolate chip cookies with Reese's Peanut Butter Chips. In her own words, "Music is the soundtrack of my life."
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" ...a Chicago institution"
- Chicago Tribune

"You're a Lone Voice, Lost in the Roar?"
- LA Times

"Bluebird showcase puts female singers in the spotlight"
- Tennessean

- Ventura County Star

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Chicago CSN

Past show archive:
Thurs., Sept. 15, 2022 * 7:30 pm

3855 N. Lincoln, Chicago * 773.404.9494

Breathe for Artists
Benefit for Breathe - A Foundation for the Artist

Hosted by CSN Founder Lori Maier
Featured Artists

Leslie Beukelman
Leslie Beukelman

Lauren Hall
Lauren Hall

Kate Lamont
Kate Lamont

Mia Mormino
Mia Mormino

Shawn Christopher
Shawn Christopher

Carly Rosenberg
Carly Rosenberg


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CSN Chicago Band for this show:

Kraig McCreary - guitars
Jim Widlowski - drums
 Bob Lizik - bass
Evan Rea - keys
Paul Von Mertens - woodwinds


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