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Carrie Hoff [bio]
Brook Faulk [bio]

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Boise CSN band:

Rochelle Smith (bass)
Emily Tipton (guitar)
Meghan Kelly Watters (drums)

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Atlanta CSN

Past show archive:

LAUNCH Date Thursday, November 3, 2022!
6 to 9 pm

2022-11-03 show - CSN Boise+

Boise CSN group photo

CSN Boise Venue:
Ironwood Bar & Grill
5467 North Glenwood Street, Boise, ID 83714
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Benefit for Breathe - A Foundation for the Artist
Breathe for Artists

Featured Artists:
Natalie Soma, Vashti Summervill, and Heather Platts


CSN Band for this show:
Rochelle Smith (bass), Emily Tipton (guitar),
& Meghan Kelly Watters (drums)

Rochelle SmithEmily TiptonMeghan Kelly Watters



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