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CSN CD: The Sound Of Women's Dreams (2002)

Congratulations to ALL finalists!

Chick Singer Night would like to thank all of the hundreds of women who submitted their songs to our first-ever songwriter's competition! The compilation CD featuring each one of the finalists is available at your local Chick Singer Night show.

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The Sound of Women's Dreams - CD, front

The Sound of Women's Dreams - CD, back

No. Title Artists (info below)
1 Long Ago ... more Kelly Brock
2 Revolution Erinn Williams
3 Because I'm A Woman Lari White
4 And I Believe Ashley Maher
5 Distance Ali Handal
6 Freedom Danielle LoPresti
7 Everything To Say Lexie Bloor
8 Save Me Kyler England
9 Tenderness Ingrid Graudins
10 Sea Of Smiles Lucy Sustar
11 Anywhere But Here Dayna Malow
12 Thank You Kari
13 Standing Still Kat Parsons
14 Fly Carla Rigolin Hassett

Kelly Brock
Grand prize winner
Kelly Brock

Kelly sings with her new wireless mic system from SHURE microphones.

Lexi Bloor
1st prize winner
Alesis keyboard

Lexi performed at the CSN-chicago show on her new Alesis electronic baby grand piano!!

The Sound of Women's Dreams - CDContributing Artists

1. Kelly Brock -

"I love to sing, I love to perform and I love to write songs. There's really nothing else in the world I'd rather be doing." West coast singer, performer and songwriter, Kelly Brock has had music in her blood since day one. She grew up singing, dancing and performing for family and friends and was encouraged to embrace the arts by her Mother and music teacher Father, who is also a musician. This natural talent for singing steered Kelly towards the music community during her mid teens.

Fronting bands, writing songs and singing demos ultimately saw Kelly release her debut CD entitled Kelly Brock. Released in 1997, the single "Sacred" received airplay on CHR and A/C stations along with the song being featured on Dawson's Creek. Her second CD entitled So Close, re-released January 2001, is a continuation of Kelly's growth as a writer, vocalist and producer. There is a wide range of emotions portrayed here on her latest offering. From overcoming defeat and loss on the uplifting "A Lot of Little Things" ("Laugh away/ let all the pain out/ You've got a lot of little things to be high about/ Just let go of self-doubt/ You've got a lot of little things to smile about"). She touches on avoiding the pitfalls of alcohol abuse in the song "Intoxicated," expresses her sorrow on love lost in "You'd Be Mine," reveals her sensual side in "Everything Is Good."

Her recent accolades include winning internationally acclaimed music website Just Plain Folks Best Song award for the song "You'd Be Mine," co-written with Brian Howes. "I write from experience - I put my heart on my sleeve and pray for the best. It's scary at times stripping down one's emotions and baring it all for the world to see but I really feel I have no other choice. I can't perform a song properly unless I'm emotionally attached to it."

Kelly lights up the stage and small screen with her vivacious, fun-loving personality and her charismatic energy. With all this raw talent and charm, Kelly is on her way to a very long and successful career in the music industry.

2. Erinn Williams -

Singer/songwriter Erinn Williams was born and raised in Montana. In 1996 she came to LA on an opera scholarship to the University of Southern California, with plans to pursue a professional singing career as a solo artist as well. Her influences range from Patty Smith, Sousix and the Banshees to PJ Harvey and Maria Callas.

In addition to her own music, she has performed roles such as Margarite in Gounod's Faust, and toured Europe singing opera in a Designer's collection show. She has been performing with her band in Hollywood venues such as The Whiskey and The Roxy, and has performed at benefit events for such causes as The LA free Clinic and AIDS Research.

Erinn was selected to perform at L.A.'s Chick Singer Night in July 2001. She performed with her band on Ed McMahan's Next Big Star Search in September of 2001.

Erinn has worked with producers such as Paul Ebersold (Three Doors Down, Sister Hazel), and Mars Lasar. She has written and performed both rock and opera in independent films, and has been featured in many Music Videos and commercials including Aerosmith's "Jaded" and a Coke National Commercial (singing opera). She released her first album in July 2001. You can find her on many MP3 Radio stations with reviews of her intense and haunting vocals.

Erinn and her band are currently performing regularly in Los Angeles clubs and her second album is due to be released in April of 2002.

3. Lari White (bonus track!) -

A million-selling recording artist, hit songwriter and actor, Lari White produced her first release, Lead Me Not, with Rodney Crowell in 1993. A few of her accomplishments in the past eight years include being nominated as ACM Top New Female Vocalist, touring with George Strait and Alan Jackson, writing songs for Tammy Wynnette and Lonestar, and going gold with her second album, Wishes.

Lari has four studio albums and a "best of" collection to her credit, and three Grammy Awards for her contributions to Sparrow's Amazing Grace series and The Apostle movie soundtrack. Plus that PIVOTAL role in the Zemeckis blockbuster Cast Away with Tom Hanks.

She's gearing up to release her new, self-produced album on her own record label, Skinny White Girl Records. Green Eyed Soul is purely a Lari White record. She contributed her talents as a programmer and an engineer, and had a hand in writing all but one of the songs on the record, which range from post-feminist ranting to the gospel message of love.

Lari continues to evolve, to dig deeper, and to forge a musical path of growth and integrity. Lari is CSN's first All Access Artist and she's set to perform in all five CSNs across the country.

4. Ashley Maher -

Ashley Maher is a fresh voice in the growing field of global music. Following the footsteps of pioneers like Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, and Sting, her work fuses western singer-songwriter sensibilities with the rhythms and textures of West Africa and Latin America.

Born in 1963 to British parents in Canada, and moving to Los Angeles when she was five, Ashley's gift as a singer was recognized early on. She grew up singing jazz, classical, choral, and medieval music and even studied opera in Italy for a year, before falling irrevocably in love with African music in 1984. Stumbling upon a class by Ghanaian master drummer, C.K. Ladzekpo, at UC Berkeley, Ashley knew she had found her calling. She studied drumming with him for two years, before graduating and heading straight to London in 1986.

London was alive with global music. Ashley performed with a band for two years before collaborating with premier traditional dance and drumming group, Adzido, to record her first set of demos. The tape soon came to the attention of a number of record companies and she signed a contract with Virgin U.K. in 1988. Virgin released two records for Ashley between 1988 and 1992. The first, named hi, was met with critical acclaim and hailed as a promising debut. The second, Pomegranate, featured a superb selection of Paris-based African musicians and again was met with positive press. Shortly thereafter, E.M.I. Records bought Virgin U.K. and, in the ensuing re-shuffle, Ashley left the recording label.

Since 1992, Ashley has continued to develop as a solo artist. She has regularly recorded and performed in London, Paris, and L.A., sang as a backing vocalist on records by Youssou N'Dour, The Afro-Celt Soundsystem, and Myriam Mursal, and performed as a dancer for a number of African dance troupes. In 1997, she independently recorded her third CD, The Blessed Rain. Once again, the record features some of West Africa's finest musicians. The result is a mature, lovingly-crafted collection of ten songs that build beautifully from Ashley's previous work.

At the dawn of 1998, The Blessed Rain was complete and ready to promote. However, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, so Ashley relocated her family to Los Angeles to care for her until she passed away that year. Since then, Ashley has had a second child, while actively building her career in Los Angeles. The city, she has found, not only has its own vibrant community of musicians, dancers, and drummers, but an audience that is responding enthusiastically to her music. Ashley is looking forward to a bright new chapter in her career.

5. Ali Handal -

What is it that inspires Southern California songwriter Ali Handal to get out of bed in the morning? Usually, it's her cat Indy meowing in her face. But a close second would be the opportunity to spend another day singing, writing, and taking her passion out on her Taylor guitar.

Several fans have commented on Ali's aggressive style of guitar playing and colorful lyrics, many of which focus on the forbidden thoughts and deeds that lead people astray in their relationships (check out Mr. Right Now, While You're Here, and Dirty Little Secret for starters). But Ali also has a tender side, as illustrated in her award-winning love song "Distance" and several new songs to be included on a forthcoming acoustic CD.

Despite being an independent artist, Ali has managed to expose her music to a wide variety of audiences. The single "While You're Here" can be heard in the award-winning feature film Dancing at the Blue Iguana, directed by Michael Radford (director of Il Postino). Additionally, Ali's songs "Convince Me," "Distance," and "Slave to Ambition" can be found in the independent feature films Pursuit of Happiness, A Fate Worse Than Death, and the soon-to-be-released Emmet's Mark starring Tim Roth and Gabriel Byrne. If you're a TV junkie, you may have heard Ali's music on MTV's Undressed, MTV's Celebrity Undercover, the WB's Maybe It's Me, and the fantastically creepy VH1 original movie Strange Frequency.

Ali spent the bulk of 2001 touring the U.S. and the U.K. in support of her debut CD Dirty Little Secret. She is currently in pre-production for her next disc, an acoustic CD that fans of her solo acoustic live shows have been asking for. Currently, Ali is planning tours of the U.S., the U.K., and Australia for 2002. Check out the music, pictures, lyrics, press, and other fun stuff at Ali's website (link above).

6. Danielle LoPresti -

Danielle LoPresti was born and raised by the sea by hard-working/loving fisherman/woman parents. She holds a BFA in Theatre, and made her living as a singer/actor in and around San Diego 'til about 1994, when she moved to L.A. to begin focusing exclusively on singing and writing music.

There is where the fun started - She is blessed with several hits! & (formative) misses. Here is the story:

She writes the theme for Ace Ventura II - they like it...they love it! James Brown is going to cover it! It falls through.

They call her back! And ask her to write for The Nutty Professor. Seven songs later, and things look good: her songs are in the movie, on the soundtrack, AND Brandy agrees to cover one of them! A month later and they sell the rights to the soundtrack. They take two of her demos, put them both in the film as-is, and use one of the songs a second time as the End-Title, but refuse her a space on the soundtrack! (Welcome to Hollywood.)

She forms a partnership with a well-respected producer in town. She writes what she wants - songs that feel And think. Their CD, Balance, brings on a nice little buzz: Interscope, Hollywood Records, MCA - they come! They go.
Danielle writes a scary song, "Say It," about child molestation, for a special show her sister's dance company is producing. It's played for the A&R guys. They come back! It's "Strong," it's "Cutting Edge," it's "New"'s..."Too Risky."

She goes on tour singing back-up for an '80s two-hit-band. She's making the same money she does doing gigs around town, only she's singing less and the music feels---empty.

She submits a demo of "Say It" and a few other songs to the L.A. Music Awards. She's nominated!...Best Female Singer/Songwriter, 1999---they call her "The Say It Girl." She is referred to a High-Up-There-He-Can-Help-You type music attorney. He listens to her demo and says, "Danielle, music is about money; you're a woman in this industry, which means you've got maybe two formats you can write in and have success - your music is neither Sade nor Britney Spears - so I recommend you stop trying." Danielle hangs up the phone. After some not-too-quiet contemplation, she decides to write him a thank you note. The 1st line: "Dear Mr. Penis head..."

She opens her 20-year-old savings account, invests it in making a new full-length-from-scratch CD, and prepares to release, promote, market and tour it as if her life depends on it. The new band, "Danielle LoPresti and The Masses," released Dear Mr. Penis Head in March of 2001, in San Diego, as a full show with her sister's renowned dance company, Eveoke Dance Theatre. They are now busy promoting with Radio appearances, a fast-growing internet presence, and live shows at festivals and the like.


"Danielle's music is raw and emotive, an impressive album for a new millennium where women will seize the music industry and turn it upside-down."
- Ani Difranco, Righteous Babe Records

"After seeing Danielle I was impressed with her intensity as a performer. Her ability to get behind a lyric was stunning, she lives every line. As an artistic performer I've yet to see better."
-Tony Ferguson A&R Interscope Records- No Doubt / Bush / Fisher

"Her new CD is awesome. She inspires the dead to walk... Her motivation, determination & innovation have inspired me for years now, and it was a real pleasure to be able to collaborate with her on this album. Every time I listen to the song, I'm very proud of what she did with it. The subject matter is unique and cutting edge, we need more of this stuff in the industry..."
-George Pajon, Jr - Black Eyed Peas / Macy Gray / Nikka Costa

"Danielle's cross-pollination of her R&B and Alternative styles lands her squarely into new territory that is a hybrid unto itself reflecting her most intimate thoughts in a way that we can all relate to. She is crafting songs that make us both think and feel." -Eddie Gomez Senior Creative Director -Bug Music

"Danielle and her band rocked The Lounge. This woman's got a rock-and-roll heart and a PhD mind."
-Dirk Sutro -Host, KPBS Radio ~ The Lounge

"Danielle LoPresti's "Dear Mr. Penis Head" will grab you, shake you around, and when she's done you won't be the same. Her lyrics will force you to think about things that may make you uncomfortable, but better for it. Not for the faint of heart but it will take yours if you give it the chance. Will you?"
-Brian Gary/

"Danielle LoPresti is a 10 on stage."
-Michael James -Producer~Mixer / AJ Croce / Hole / L7 / New Radicals

"...I listen to literally thousands of artists because I HAVE to... I listen to Ms. LoPresti's music because I WANT to...over and over again...there is something very special about Danielle's music...the compositions, yes...the lyrics, yes...the voice, oh yes! She can make a whisper...scream!"
- Brent Harvey, Producer Los Angeles Music Awards.

Say It Records believes in using music as a mirror-a powerful means of reflecting back to us our current condition and our potential for positive change. We endeavor to support the honest examination and expression of the human experience as a means of demonstrating our connectiveness to one another regardless of color, creed, gender or class and in doing so, inspiring a collective respect of and cooperation with one another.

7. Lexie Bloor -

The Making of a Chick Singer Songwriter, by Lexie Bloor:

First, you must be born--in this case, it was in the tiny town of Shelbyville, IL to two loving and musical parents. Upon being asked what you want to be when you grow up, you reply, 'a snake or a rooster.' You realize this is impossible, so you choose theatre instead and attend the Millikin University of Fine Arts in Decatur, IL. You morph into a musician after two years of acting and dancing, and then you move to gigantic Chicago in 1993. Here is where you get into the nitty gritty. DePaul University claims four years of your life as you (almost) complete a jazz studies degree, and the East Coast Jazz Fish Middleton Scholarship honors you with a generous check giving you the means to study vocal technique with local guru Ed Farran.

The allure of songwriting charms you in the midst of your academia, and suddenly life makes sense (for a while). In 1997 you will join the most excellent band CITRUS and enjoy an intense year of incredible music; most of your band mates will ditch the mid-west for California. The Lexie Bloor Band forms soon after. At this point, you are officially a starving artist earning rent bartending, folding sweaters, throwing dog parties, and typing obituaries on the graveyard shift (not all at once).

You take a flying leap back into theatre in 2000 as a member of the world premiere ensemble cast of 36 with Catbox Cabaret. And now an even stranger twist of fate: you have fine friends who arrange for you to become the Talent Coordinator for Comtrack Music (jingle house) which gets your foot in the door, so to speak, as a session vocalist. After Comtrack's demise, you find your talent still sticks, and you continue to sing the praises of various products over the television airwaves (Celebrex, McDonalds, JC Penney...).

In 2001, you come very close to moving to San Francisco but refrain due to unfinished business in the Windy City...namely, a Lexie Bloor Band CD. You tune your piano, buy a drum kit. A colleague, incredulous, describes your live show as 'a bizarre combination of Bjšrk, Wayne Shorter, and Alicia Keys.' Hmmmm... You kick the CD version of this into preproduction. But in the meantime, you get high off of the honor of being a finalist in the First Annual CSN Songwriting Contest. Thank you Lori Maier for your mentoring, love, and support. Also, impassioned thanks to all ears and friends who listen and love original music.

8. Kyler England -

What is truly unforgettable about singer-songwriter Kyler is her ability to peel back all the layers, holding nothing back. Her voice holds you captivated while the raw honesty of her writing brings you to your knees.

In a bold voice Kyler reaches out to share her very personal journey through hope, loss and healing on her new EP produced by Richard Oliver Furch, How Many Angels? "With this EP I hope to forge a silver lining from a time when there really was none," says Kyler of the songs inspired by the experience of losing her mother to cancer. "I have found great solace and healing in these songs and I feel that others who have had similar experiences can as well." Half of the proceeds from the EP benefit Triangle Hospice, a hospice organization in her hometown in North Carolina. Triangle Hospice will be working with Kyler to reach those who have also experienced the loss of a loved one.

How Many Angels? takes the listener on a journey through emotions associated with loss with the intention of providing a release, "a watershed for all the times you've had to hold it together when all you wanted to do was fall apart." Kyler begins the journey with "If the World Would Just End," and the idea of wanting to freeze time before her worst fears can become a reality. In "Lump," Kyler compares the lump in her throat to the source of her family's pain, cancer, and faces the possibility of losing her mom. "I'm not ready to lose you/ seems like we've just begun/ I'd give anything just to see you well again." In the aftermath of her mom's death, she confronts God in the EP's most emotionally raw and angry track, "Why?" - "why must we fade into the darkness from which we came/ why must we pay for our love with an emptiness in its place/ why did we fall from your state of grace?" "Save Me" is a glimpse of the tragedy through her father's eyes as he faces life alone. The EP closes with "These Four Walls," a simple and stunning ballad about the empty space that will always remain in her heart.

Kyler currently lives and performs in NYC in addition to touring the east coast. She has released two independent albums prior to the EP on her own label, Gypsy Rock Records, which have sold over 2000 copies. The more recent If the World Would Just End is receiving college airplay, and tracks from both her albums have been featured on multiple daytime TV programs. Her song "These Four Walls" appeared on the compilation Can You Read This Boston? which won a 2000 Boston Music Award, and her song "Stronger" is featured on a compilation of all female singer-songwriters called SHEKINAH released by Sony/Epic in February 2002.

Kyler herself was nominated for a 2000 Boston Music Award, received an honorable mention in the 2000 John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and has opened for Liz Phair, Shannon Curfman, Emm Gryner and Mary Lou Lord.

How Many Angels? was released in mid August 2001 with a series of release events and has raised over $3,300 for hospice to date. Kyler toured the east coast tour to support the EP in October with highlights in the following cities: Atlanta, GA; Athens, GA; Nashville, TN; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Boston, MA.

"How Many Angels? is a musical gift of hope and healing in the face of despair. Kyler's offering is a blessing to anyone who has lost a loved one.' - Jennifer Layton -

9. Ingrid Graudins -

For the last 20 years, Ingrid Graudins has combined her talents as a singer and songwriter, etching a musical career that has brought her nationwide acclaim. Her extensive touring with Jonatha Brooke covered the United States and Europe, and her recording credits include album releases from MCA, Windham Hill and Columbia Records.

A freelance songwriter and singer for years, Ingrid has finally released her debut solo CD, Brave Again on Booglet Records. The record includes original songs, cover tunes by Lennon & McCartney and Billy Joel, as well as music by Gerry Leonard and a previously unreleased song from Nick Tremulis. Players on the project include: Larry Beers (Nick Tremulis, Sonia Dada), Chris "Hambone" Cameron (Sonia Dada), Tom Hambridge (Susan Tedeschi), Gerry Leonard (Duncan Sheik, Suzanne Vega) Bob Lizik (Brian Wilson), David Onderdonk (Fred Simon), John Pirruccello (Keith Richards), Marc Shulman (Patty Larkin), Don Stiernberg, Brian Wilke and many more. Special guest Johnny Frigo plays jazzy fiddle on "Lilac House," which is also the theme of her website.

She is a regular performer on "The Waltz" series, which is a star-studded yearly rock & roll charity event, hosted by Nick Tremulis. "The Waltz" events benefit Neon Street, a place for homeless and at-risk youth in Chicago.

10. Lucy Sustar -

She will ingnite your musical palette with her rich soft vocals, thought provoking lyrics and memorable melodies that are woven into a beautiful compliment of acoustic and electric sounds.

Formerly with Polygram, this singer-songwriter-keyboardists' career has led her to performances worldwide. She has also placed songs in feature films and has written for major label artists.

Lucy's music is familiar yet unique, a stand out in the AAA pop/alternative vein.

11. Dayna Malow -

Dayna Malow is a Chicago based vocalist and composer. Her debut album, Anywhere But Here, a collection of 11 original songs, is set for release this March on Jabberwocky Records. The title track of the album has already been chosen as a finalist in the Chick Singer Night Songwriting Competition. (A second tune, "Remember Who Home Is," was a semifinalist in the same competition.) Anywhere But Here is produced by Chris Cash, who also co-wrote three of the album's songs.

Dayna has spent many years mastering her art. Those years started at The University of Miami, where she was a member of the University's award winning vocal group, Jazz Vocal I (JV1). While a member, the group received a 1998 Downbeat Award and also had the privilege of performing with Jon Secada.

Upon graduating, Dayna earned a degree in Jazz Vocal Studies and Studio Music. Once returning to Chicago, Dayna hit the music scene hard. She became the lead female vocalist of "Speakeasy Swing", appeared on VH-1 Rock Across America, and was featured on Big Chicago Records 1999 release Jump N Jive Chicago. She then toured the Midwest as lead vocalist for the Milwaukee based "Orphans" and opened for national acts, including the Doobie Brothers and John Hiatt, playing fairs and festivals like Harley Davidson's Hogfest and Milwaukee's world renowned Summerfest.

In late 2000, Dayna was cast in the world premiere of the acapella musical, Klub Kokomo. The five-person Kokomo acapella group performed nightly sets with Mark Lindsay, former lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders, backing him on a medley of solo hits (Arizona, Indian Reservation) and Raiders tunes. The group also performed with The Turtles, appeared on WLS-TV's 190 North, WLS-AM's Roe and Gary Show, and WJMK-AM's Dick Biondi Show.

Currently, Dayna is busy performing and promoting her upcoming album and continues to write and collaborate with other talented composers, including Keith Uchima of A&R Recording House and the above-mentioned Chris Cash.

12. Joan Helen Barton (KARI) -

Joan Helen Barton is a Berklee College of Music graduate with a B.A. in songwriting. Her minor studies included film scoring and music synthesis. She lives in Los Angeles, where she works as a composer, songwriter and session musician.

Bare Bones Productions, which she owns and operates with record producer and recording engineer Barry Goldberg, has been in business since 1996. BBP's most recent projects have been Volvo, Nike, and the Gravity Games, and they are looking forward to working on their next piece for the L.A. Sparks.

Both Joan and Barry have received awards for their compositions and productions. Their latest album project is Beyond Aston, with Bill Ward of Black Sabbath. The most important priority for BBP is to do quality work and to have fun while we do it. "We hire within, what has become over the years, the numerous talents in our 'family,' and our family is forever growing. (I think the only thing we don't have is a singing raccoon that can sculpt with Cheese Whiz, but somebody is working on that," says Joan.

She continues: " 'Thank You' is a song I wrote almost a decade ago. I came home one night from a gig at about 4 in the morning. When I got out of my car there was a woman leaning against the fence in my front yard. She had been shot nine times in the head just minutes before I arrived. It was a startling miracle for me that changed how I live every day of my life. Not only could I have been lying beside her caught in the crossfire, but the many times I had escaped such a moment on my own path were countless; those moments became vividly present. And it was like the world opened up and I could see for the very first time that my life was beautiful, and the song poured out from God's lips to mine. Really I just like to get myself into every project I can. There something about finding the being in the doing."

See also:

13. Kat Parsons -

"Acrobatic and fiery vocals - extraordinary." - Penny Black Music (UK)

Kat Parsons is a performer first and foremost. Her self-penned songs resonate with her ever-growing following. Possessing a voice of incredible range, strength and feeling, she intuitively connects with audiences in literally any setting. Humor, wit and grace inhabit her wistful original material, which she has been performing over the last year in everything from clubs to outdoor stages to coffeehouses, solo and with accompaniment.

As a recent live review stated, "Kat Parsons played her acoustic heart out on a gigantic stage only to dominate every inch of it." Since the release of her debut album, Framing Caroline (Waterdog Music), she has toured across the United States and England, garnering praise worldwide for her singing and her songs, making waves in the independent music scene. In press, (The Onion, Chicago Tribune's Metromix, and Songwriter's Monthly), on radio, (WRNR, WLUW, WBEZ), and perhaps most importantly, from the crowds themselves.

Kat's full-length album, Framing Caroline, was produced by Ralph Covert (The Bad Examples) and released on Waterdog Records in May of 1999. Tracks from that record have since been featured on compilations in the UK and the US, on MTV, and independent films, as well as a new live single, "Standing Still," released in France.

Parsons has been featured on several Chicago television shows, including Wild Chicago, as well as Fox TV's WV as part of the Kanawhapalooza Festival. In addition, she won Songwriting Contest and was a Semi-Finalist in the Pantene Pro-Voice Contest, recognizing excellence in songwriting.

In addition to performing on her own, she has also appeared live and on record in support of artists as diverse as Doug Hoekstra, Rebecca's Statue (w/Son Seals & Fareed Haque), and Made to Be Broken.

Kat was born to parents Darrell and Julie Parsons in one of Europe's most prominent musical cities, Vienna. Her father was an opera singer in the Vienna Opera House. He recorded with the Clemencic Consort for Harmonia Mundi and is the featured tenor on a Philips release of Mozart's "Mass." He still performs occasionally in the Baltimore area. Her mother is a professional keyboardist and singer and released a solo album in Europe in the mid '70s. She also recorded and released a dance single with her band Foxx Fire.

Raised in Maryland as a child and teenager, Kat sang in local shows with her parents and brother Jon, as well as performing in various musical theater productions. Kat became a theater major at Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois), where her parents first met. Her interest in music continued with classical guitar studies and performing pop music with other musicians. For a particular show, she became a songwriter out of necessity. Once she tapped into her muse, she continued to write and perform as a solo artist and ultimately with her own trio.

Currently, Kat is working on material for her forthcoming follow-up to Framing Caroline, which promises to raise her star even higher.

14. Carla Hassett -

Brazilian born, Chicago raised singer-songwriter Carla Hassett draws on a skilled and rich musical background to create an articulate, original pop-rock sound, one that Music Connection magazine calls "captivating." Her well crafted songs explore collective emotions with unique and fresh takes on subjects like love, getting high (on art!), and creating personal revolutions.

Carla's style plays with pop sensibilities and Brazilian rhythms; hip-hop beats and rock & roll attitudes; complex stories over simple chord progressions. Her original style, beautiful voice, memorable songs, and exotic looks make for a competitive package in the current female singer-songwriter driven market.

Carla's professional singing career boasts an array of commercials, films, records, and tours with such artists as Billy Idol, Gino Vannelli, Sergio Mendez, REO Speedwagon, Christopher Cross, John Anderson, Thomas Dolby, Christian Castro, Joy Enriquez, Marcelo Augusto, and X Files composer Mark Snow who won an Emmy nomination for best original song in a film that featured Carla's solo voice. Carla has also recorded the Disney catalogue for the Spanish and Brazilian markets, and numerous national commercials.

Recently, Carla entered the Brazilian market as the lyricist for the Disney Channel jingle, closely followed by the release of her song "Teu Olhar," featured on SBT network's Amor E Odio. Carla shares a spot on the show's soundtrack with some of Brazil's most prominent recording artists. Reviewer Mike Wooden notes that Carla's songs are "music at its purest." "Solid," says, and The Global Muse says that "Carla has a great talent that [they] totally recommend everyone check out." voted Carla's song "You Are So Beautiful" the best easy listening song of the year 2000.

Carla lives in Los Angeles, with her dog Katy, where she continues to write songs, compose jingles, and study songwriting and film scoring at UCLA. She enjoys hiking with her dog and visiting the L.A. Zoo with her friend Lori.