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CSN CD: Chick Singer Night Sampler Vol. 2 (2021)

March 2021: Chick Singer Night has released this CD in celebration of over 30 years of promoting women in music! You can now order copies of the CD online (processing via PayPal). Check back soon for digital sales information.

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1 Built for Luxury [Sample] Jaclyn Brown
2 Yellow Bike [Sample] Tracy Jane Comer
3 First Shade of Winter [Sample] Laura Clapp Davidson
4 Can I Come Over [Sample] Darelle Holden
5 Carry On [Sample] Deena Miller
6 Spellbound [Sample] Carla Hassett
7 Need You Tonight [Sample] Jennifer Truesdale
8 In Spite of Me [Sample] Lisa Linehan
9 On Your Side [Sample] Vykki Vox
10 A Thousand Stars [Sample] Asa Rydman
11 Since You Been Gone [Sample] Alaria Taylor
12 Tenderness [Sample] Ingrid Graudins

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Chick Singer Night Sampler Vol. 2 - CD face Contributing Artists

1. Jaclyn Brown -

2. Tracy Jane Comer -

3. Laura Clapp Davidson -

4. Darelle Holden -

5. Deena Miller -

6. Carla Hassett -

7. Jennifer Truesdale -

8. Lisa Linehan -

9. Vykki Vox -

10. Asa Rydman -

11. Alaria Taylor -

12. Ingrid Graudins -