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Press Release - July 7, 2021

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July 7, 2021


Chick Singer Night® & Singdaptive present a new opportunity for solo and backing vocalists

LOS ANGELES, CA U.S. Chick Singer Night (CSN) and Singdaptive announce the release of Premium Lessons for Singers as an added benefit to the Chick Singer Night community. VP of Publishing at Singdaptive, Dr. Gregory Barker, says: "For over thirty years Chick Singer Night has promoted and encouraged female artists to perform in live venues across the United States and further afield, drawing attention to incredible singing talent. We’re so pleased that we can offer professional development designed to fit into the schedule of busy singers."

Founder and Executive Director of Chick Singer Night, Lori Maier, says: "We’re excited to partner with Singdaptive and offer even more growth opportunities to our CSN community. Singdaptive’s carefully curated curriculum offers singers access to an array of video lessons specific to the needs of aspiring singers, and the online format provides scheduling flexibility and unlimited accessibility to a remarkably broad scope of content. This partnership is a natural fit with CSN’s ongoing mission to help singers experience and expand their musical potential."

Professional Development for Singers

These lessons are accessed via this exclusive link created for the Chick Singer Night community: and entering the code singnow after creating a free account. Courses include renowned vocal coach Lisa Popeil on how to develop a professional vocal career, and award winning musical theatre director Matthew Howe on crafting a memorable singing performance. Leading technologist Kevin Alexander teaches singers how to use a sound system, and Kathy Alexander leads a team of 10 instructors on developing one’s singing in isolation. We’ve also included a lesson from Mark Baxter (Former coach to Journey and Aerosmith) on how to become "performance-ready." All courses include features such as actions, quizzes and a learning journal.

More about Chick Singer Night®

Chick Singer Night is the world's longest-running songfest for female artists. The format is a simple one. All singers are welcome; all styles of music, all levels of experience, all walks of life. CSN provides the band, the club, and a loyal and appreciative audience. Each singer shows up the afternoon of the show, charts in hand, and runs her songs with the CSN Band. Later that evening they hit the stage with a hot band in a cool venue and give the performance of a lifetime!

CSN founder Lori Maier hosted the first Chick Singer Night in Chicago over 30 years ago. Since then, CSN has spread its wings across the country and is now a national event in multiple cities across the U.S. and as far away as Stockholm, Sweden.

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More about Singdaptive

Singdaptive takes a multi-disciplinary approach to singing, featuring 20 world-class instructors representing vocal technique, vocal health, audio & technology, performance coaching, practice pedagogy, choral technique, solo and ensemble singing – and even makeup application. An intelligent survey, called the SingerPath™, connects singers to courses and lessons tailored to their current needs and interests. Lessons include quizzes and actions and a Practice Journal engages singers, tracking individual progress and extending the learning process well beyond just video instruction.

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[Download this press release in printable PDF form HERE.]